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ALICE Amazing Circus Show

Colossart Production

"ALICE Amazing Circus Show" is an extraordinary, bright and colourful show that has already caused a sensation in many countries!

It's a show that harmoniously combines acrobatics, choreography, circus art and innovative technology. Lewis Carroll's iconic work about Alice's incredible journey has been a bestseller for over a hundred years. The novel has always been shrouded in mystery, interpretation and controversy...

Each bizarre character is so original that it always requires a creative approach when creating a stage visualisation. Phantasmagorical images, original costumes, special effects, amazing tricks on unique equipment, dance skills, etc. - it all creates an extraordinary atmosphere!

We invite you to journey into the mysterious world of this famous story and you'll see that nothing in this universe is impossible!

A party for all the family.

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.


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