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Swan Lake

Ballet in 4 acts


Choreography by M. PETIPA, L. IVANOV

"Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is a must-see.

If there is one ballet that everyone knows by name, it is Swan Lake. What is less well known, however, is that there are some fifteen versions of it, and that its first choreography in Moscow in 1877 was a failure, a disappointment even, for the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who had nevertheless displayed all his talent as an orchestrator and melodist in this score.

With its beautiful music and choreography, Swan Lake is the epitome of classical ballet. For a prima ballerina, the double role of the white swan, Odette, and the black swan, Odile, is one of the most beautiful and difficult roles.

Tchaikovsky wrote a symphonic ballet whose melodies are among the masterpieces of classical music. Built around the performance of Odette/Odile, a role that demands a balance between dramatic expression and technique - in Act II Odile, the black swan, an evil double, performs 32 spectacular fouettées - it is a true aesthetic feat and demands technical prowess from both the stars and the perfectly synchronised corps de ballet.

The stakes are not only high for the stars, but also for the corps de ballet. The Polonaise in the first act, the large white acts with twenty ballerinas on stage, and the Pas de Quatre from Les Petits Cygnes, one of the most difficult in the repertoire, all bear witness to this... Pure enchantment!

Door opening 18h30
Start time 20h00
Duration 2h10
Langue Concert sans parole
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