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Vintage Kilo Sale


Crédit: veintage-revive

Everyone who hears “Vintage Kilo Sale” for the first time asks himself: how does it workAnd what does vintage clothing have to do with kilos? Shopping for clothes at a price per kilo has been known in various countries for quite some time. Not in Switzerland though.

It’s actually quite simple: you like something off the rack and you want to know what it costs? Put it on the scale, this will show you the price. Funny, right? At the Vintage Kilo Sale you can buy low to high branded vintage and second hand clothing at an average price of CHF 60 per kilo. (Despite the accessories, you can get these at a very good unit price.)

The same concept works for the online shop, except that there are different price ranges per kilo and prices are already calculated.

Explore now the online Vintage Heaven of Switzerland!

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