Our team

Our team at your service

Each member of the Beaulieu SA team brings specific expertise in their area, ranging from event organisation logistics to audio-visual techniques, through customer service quality.

Our Congress and Exhibition Centre and theatre teams are at your disposal and assist you in setting up your event.

Executive management

  • Nicolas Gasztonyi, Chief Executive Officer

Conventions and exhibitions

  • Jennifer Hageman, Director
  • Céline Von Zenker, Event Management Trainee
  • Chloé Golay, Marketing & Business Specialist
  • Diana Saakyan, Audiovisual Technician
  • Gaspard Le Chevallier, Events & Sales Manager
  • Kreshnik Alushaj, Logistics Manager
  • Manon Henry, Events Manager
  • Omar Amhoud, Logistics Manager
  • Romy Gérard, Events Manager


  • Florence Favrod, Director
  • Antoine Friderici, Technical Manager
  • Catherine Jodoin, Assistant Manager
  • Etienne Gaches, Lighting Technician
  • Johan Rochat, Lighting Technician
  • Marco Goumaz, Apprentice Event Technician
  • Marie Sterchi, Apprentice Event Technician
  • Nicolas Doussaint, Stage Technician
  • Nicolas Girardet, Sound and Video Technician
  • Yannick Joly, Manager


We warmly thank all the staff and technical auxiliaries, who ensure the smooth running of events.