Help and FAQs

Help and FAQs

Need help or clarification? Explore our help and FAQ page for answers to all your questions. Whether you’re an event organiser, exhibitor or spectator, this section is designed for you to find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • General Questions
  • Where is the lost and found office located?

    You can retrieve lost items at the reception of Beaulieu SA (021 643 99 99). During certain events, a temporary lost and found office may be set up. Precise information about its location is provided by the organizers during the event.

  • Where can I park?

    If your vehicle’s height is less than 1.90m, you can park it in the paid underground parking at Beaulieu. For vehicles exceeding this height, please inform us to be directed to surface parking spaces, subject to availability.

    During peak times, we recommend using the Park & Ride facilities at Vélodrome-Lausanne, Riponne, or Valentin, all open 24/7.

    We also advise using public transportation to access the Beaulieu site:

    Line 3 from Lausanne CFF train station, stop « Beaulieu-Jomini ».
    Line 21 from Lausanne CFF train station, stop « Beaulieu ».
    Line 2 from the city center, stop « Beaulieu ».

  • Is there a restaurant on-site?

    Adjacent to the Beaulieu Theatre, the charming Italian restaurant “Quintino” offers delicious homemade dishes, prepared with care and served with elegance. Whether for a quick meal during an event or for a gourmet evening, the dishes will take you on a journey of flavors.
    To discover the full gastronomic offer of the Lausanne region, you can consult the following link:

  • Questions Related to Events
  • Where can I buy tickets for an event?

    Tickets must be purchased directly from the event organizer. Beaulieu SA is not in charge of ticketing. You can check our agenda to find all the useful links for upcoming events, where you can buy your tickets from the respective organizers.

  • How can I access the spaces if I am in a wheelchair?

    The Beaulieu site is accessible to people with reduced mobility, but since our rooms are located in various buildings, access methods may differ. Our Event Manager is there to help you find the best way to reach the event according to your needs and specific arrangements offered by the organizer.

  • Are pets allowed?

    For hygiene and safety reasons, pets are unfortunately not allowed on our premises.
    Only assistance animals for people with reduced mobility are permitted.

  • Is there a cloakroom available?

    Depending on the event, a supervised cloakroom may be set up by the organizer. However, please note that there is no permanent cloakroom within our facilities.
    Therefore, we recommend checking the specific information for the event you plan to attend to see if a cloakroom will be available.

  • Rental for private events

    Unfortunately, our spaces are not suitable for private events such as weddings or birthdays.
    However, if you are looking for event venues in the Lausanne area, you can check the following website to find a list of available rooms that meet your needs:

  • Can I choose my own service providers?

    For security reasons, some basic services must be provided by us. However, our Events Managers are available to advise you on local service providers for other services. You can check the services we offer by visiting our service offerings page.
    Regarding catering, we have partnerships with several caterers listed on our website [link], and you also have the option to choose an external caterer, but please note that a 15% fee will be applicable in this case.

  • What are the space rental hours?

    Space rental hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, these hours can be extended for an additional fee.

  • Can I reserve parking for my event?

    You can indeed reserve parking for your event. However, it is important to note that the parking will never be fully privatized, as some spaces must remain available for subscribers. In case of partial privatization, security measures can be installed for a quote.

  • Can I ship equipment in advance?

    Beaulieu SA accepts the delivery of equipment or parcels ahead of an event subject to availability of storage space and a maximum of 5 working days before the event.

    Depending on the type of delivery, handling costs may be charged. These early deliveries must be announced by the organizer and validated by the Event Manager.

    We do not take responsibility for completing forms related to a delivery or advancing payment for various fees (delivery, customs, port, etc).

    With the prior agreement of the event organizer, we agree to sign to receive a delivery. However, we disclaim any responsibility in case of delivery of damaged parcels or equipment.

    Access times to the site are requested by the event organizer including for setup and/or dismantling. No access and no storage area will be granted outside of these times.

  • I need to deliver equipment

    For deliveries during rental days, the Event Manager can indicate the accesses and unloading docks to be favored depending on the rented spaces.
    If your vehicle’s height is less than 1.90m, you can park in the paid underground parking at Beaulieu. For vehicles exceeding this height, please inform us to be directed to surface parking spaces, subject to availability.

  • How can I contact you if my question is not addressed here?

    For any questions regarding congresses and events, you can contact us by email at the following address: or by phone at 021 643 99 99.

  • Questions Related to the Beaulieu Theatre
  • Where can I buy tickets?

    Beaulieu SA does not manage ticketing. Tickets for shows and events organized at the Beaulieu Theatre must be purchased from the official ticket office of the organizer. Useful information and links are available on the events of the online agenda, and we advise using only official ticket offices. For specific ticket purchases for wheelchair users or for groups (from 10 people), contact details are available on the event page of the online agenda.

    The main ticket offices also have physical points of sale in the networks of Post Offices, Coop City, train stations, etc.

  • Which seat should I choose?

    The Beaulieu Theatre offers good visibility, wherever you are seated in the auditorium. At the end of each row, there are fold-up seats that provide the same comfort as other seats. For any questions regarding ticket purchases, please contact the organizer or their official ticket office. Beaulieu SA does not manage any ticketing.

  • I am in a wheelchair or have reduced mobility, how can I access the Beaulieu Theatre?

    The Beaulieu Theatre is accessible for people with reduced mobility, with step-free access, elevators serving the floors, and an underground parking offering some spaces reserved for authorized individuals. Spaces on the ground floor are reserved for wheelchairs. For evacuation safety reasons, their number is limited, and it is necessary to contact the organizer to specifically reserve these spaces and receive assistance upon your arrival at the theatre. Once on site, please notify a member of the reception staff who will accompany you to the auditorium or theatre foyer.

  • We belong to an institution and come in a group with a minibus. We need surface access, what should we do?

    It is imperative to inform us at least 5 days before the event via the contact form. This way, we can coordinate with the security service to organize your arrival in front of the Beaulieu Theatre.
    If the site hosts multiple events simultaneously, we may ask you to move the vehicle, for safety reasons, and to return to pick up the attendees once the event is over. We appreciate your understanding.

  • How do I get to the Beaulieu Theatre?

    It is recommended to use public transportation to reach the Beaulieu Theatre:

    Line 3 from Lausanne CFF train station, stop « Beaulieu-Jomini ».
    Line 21 from Lausanne CFF train station, stop « Beaulieu ».
    Line 2 from the city center, stop « Beaulieu ».


    Park & Ride Vélodrome-Lausanne (15 minutes walk to reach Beaulieu or via buses 20 and 21),
    Riponne parking,
    Beaulieu parking, limited number of spaces

    You will find additional information in the “Useful Information and Access” section.

  • Can my child attend the shows?

    For safety reasons, each viewer, including young children, must have a ticket. Young audiences are welcome at the Beaulieu Theatre. Age limits to be respected are set by the organizers or competent authorities and are mentioned on the page of the relevant event.

    It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to equip children with appropriate hearing protection. Earplugs provided free of charge are not suitable for children. Protective headphones (pamirs) are more suitable but must be brought personally.

    We appreciate your consideration of the duration of the show and your child’s ability to remain calm and attentive during the performance. Your child’s booster seats are allowed in the auditorium.

  • How long does the show last? Is there an intermission? In what language is it played?

    You will find in the agenda the list of scheduled shows, as well as details concerning each event.
    When the duration of a show is known, we specify it on its page. Some shows are creations, and their duration is not yet defined at the time of programming. We try to publish the information as quickly as possible.

    The vast majority of productions are presented in French. However, some international shows are performed in their original version (film concerts or musical comedies), in which case, we specify it on the page of the performance.

  • What time do the doors open?

    The foyers and bars open 1h30 before the start of the show.
    The auditorium doors open approximately 30 minutes before the start of the show.

  • Is there a cloakroom?

    Yes, a free cloakroom is available to spectators. It opens 1h30 before the start of the performance and closes 1h after the end of the performance. For safety and evacuation standards, it is forbidden to enter the auditorium with bulky objects (backpacks, scooters, helmets, etc.), and we will ask you systematically to deposit these objects in the cloakroom.

  • What can I bring into the auditorium?

    For safety and evacuation standards, backpacks, bulky or potentially dangerous objects, drinks, and food are prohibited in the auditorium. Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be turned off. Other restrictions may apply, depending on the events.

  • Can I eat at the Beaulieu Theatre?

    Yes, the theatre foyer is equipped with several bars offering a range of drinks and light refreshments. However, consumption is not allowed inside the auditorium. Additionally, the Beaulieu restaurant “Quintino”, adjacent to the theatre, offers delicious Italian dishes for dining during your theatre visit.

  • Rentals to individuals

    The Beaulieu Theatre is unfortunately not suitable for private events.
    You will find all the venues in the Lausanne region at the following link:

  • Can I get exit parking tickets?

    The Beaulieu Theatre does not offer advance exit tickets. Indeed, this system shifts traffic congestion inside the parking, causing both an accumulation of exhaust gases and traffic jams at the exit on Avenue des Bergières.

    Waiting at one of the 5 cash desks helps to streamline the exit. The bars of the Beaulieu Theatre remain open after the show, so we suggest extending your evening with a drink while waiting for the gradual exit of the audience!

  • I have a complaint about a show, who should I address it to?

    The Beaulieu Theatre, like the other spaces on the Beaulieu site, is rented to various regional or international producers. Therefore, Beaulieu SA does not make any artistic choices regarding programming, bears no responsibility for the content of the show, and does not receive any revenue related to ticket sales. Contact details for the show’s organizers are listed on the Beaulieu online agenda.

  • I didn’t find the answer to my question. How can I contact you?

    For other questions regarding events taking place at the Beaulieu Theatre, you can contact us at the following address: