Sustainable development

Together for a sustainable journey

For several years at Beaulieu, we have been firmly committed to sustainable development through several initiatives that respect the environment and allow us to contribute to creating a connected, thriving society for all.

Beaulieu adheres to the LMCare 2025 programmes through Lausanne Montreux Congress (LMC). Beaulieu works closely with the city of Lausanne by participating in a series of projects and measures intended to reduce the local environmental footprint while optimising economic and social benefits. In addition, we are currently part of the Swisstainable programme, a sustainable travel strategy at the cantonal level.

Our commitments are reflected by concrete actions along three main axes:

  • ecological and environmental sustainability
  • social commitment
  • energy sustainability

Ecological and environmental sustainability

Waste management

To manage waste effectively, we have set up a selective sorting system with specific bins throughout the Beaulieu site, including bins fitted with ashtrays in the gardens, supporting a clean, pleasant environment for everyone.

At events, we also offer recycling stations in partnership with the City of Lausanne and support our clients to manage their waste.

We also prioritise using temporary flooring from Weberfloors for our events, who offer a range of high-quality recycled and reusable products made from waste such as old carpets and fishing nets collected from the seabed.


Sustainable mobility

At Beaulieu, we are committed to promoting sustainable mobility through environmentally friendly transport solutions.

Firstly, our site benefits from excellent accessibility via public transport from the train station, which we warmly encourage our guests to choose instead of a personal vehicle.

We also actively support cyclists, providing no less than 124 cycle parking spaces directly on our site.

In addition, taking into account the importance of facilitating the transition to electric transport, we have taken the initiative of installing 3 electric vehicle charging stations.

Finally, looking to the future, our commitment to more sustainable energy is taking shape, with the prospect of a new metro line connecting the station, the Flon and the north of the city by 2031. This initiative aims to guarantee quick, convenient access to our site via public transport, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to personal vehicles.


Eco-responsible catering

We have carefully selected caterers from the region using local, seasonal products. This choice helps support the local economy while promoting fresh and delicious products, all with a reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, for large events, we choose to offer reusable tableware. By opting for solutions without single-use plastics, we are considerably reducing the waste generated.

Social commitment

At Beaulieu, sustainable development is not limited to the environment; it also extends to the social layer. We invest in training, social commitment, culture, health and sport.


Circular businesses

The North Halls have undergone restoration aligned with circular principles, and now welcome social organizations such as Eveil and Mentor Energy which support professional reintegration. They also house local businesses Textura and Démarche, promoting fabric recycling.


Support for local agriculture

In the Beaulieu gardens, a self-service shop, open 7 days a week, offers local organic products, mainly from the La Grangette in Puidoux. We are proud to enable visitors to buy products that are grown and distributed locally, and which are either minimally processed or unprocessed.


Sport for all

Our sports halls offer a new rich and varied range of nearly 14 different sports disciplines: with a bouldering centre, weightlifting area, padel centre, basketball court, bowling alley and tennis courts, it also boasts a large space for roller sports and urban practices like roller derby, longboarding, skateboarding, inline skating and roller skating.

The Beaulieu Sports Halls projectis a concrete expression of the city’s vision to develop community sports and promote physical activity for all.

Energy sustainability

Responsible energy consumption is at the heart of our sustainable development strategy. We work to optimise the use of energy from production to consumption.


Responsible consumption

Our tangible actions include optimising energy across all our work sites and replacing incandescent lighting with LEDs to reduce our carbon footprint. We also take an innovative approach to cooling our spaces, opting for district heating systems over air conditioning.


Green energy production

1,508 solar panels, representing an effective surface area of 2,450 sqm, are installed on the roof of the South Halls. The panels produce 440,000 kWh/year, equivalent to the consumption of around 130 households. The electricity production from the South Halls is also used by the Lausanne network. Following these positive results, further photovoltaic generation is planned for the Beaulieu Theatre roof.

The South Halls has also a green roof for a beneficial combination of plants and solar panels: the solar panels provide the plants with shade and humidity, which in turn cool the panels through evaporation, ensuring a better energy yield. The green roof also brings further advantages in terms of biodiversity and thermal insulation for the building.

Our future projects

We are committed to pursuing our environmental, social and energy initiatives to offer a more peaceful future to the generations of today and tomorrow.


An industrial resale shop

From autumn 2023, we will host an industrial resale shop for the collection, reuse and resale of used and second-hand industrial items. This new player at Beaulieu perfectly fits into our circular economy and resource preservation approach.


Sustainable partnerships

We actively signpost to local providers, encouraging our clients to adopt responsible consumption practices and to promote recycling. Our commitment includes:

  • Providing room dividers and other signage made from cardboard and/or recycled materials.
  • Upcycling outdoor signage tarpaulins into bags, kits and other reusable items, giving them a second life.
  • Offering reusable tableware provided by a local partner.

We also support all other initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact and generating a positive economic and social impact.


Continuous improvement

As part of our continuous improvement approach, we are committed to minimising damage to the environment and optimising resources efficiency. Beaulieu is a good place for all, including the environment and its biodiversity.