About us

One hundred years of heritage at the service of a timeless modernity

Located right in the heart of the Vaud capital, on 1 January 2020 Beaulieu SA took over the activities of the Fondation de Beaulieu. The company has become the site operator and has taken over the commercial and real estate liabilities.

Rooted in a rich past and resolutely looking towards the future, Beaulieu is undertaking a remarkable transformation. Based on new strategic guidelines, the site is not only promoting physical activity with its sports halls, it is also promoting innovation and sustainability in its circular halls. The importance of education and health is also acknowledged in the hosting of the Haute École de la Santé La Source School of Nursing. Finally, Beaulieu sets out to be a place of culture, a desire supported by its theatre.

An events complex

The wealth of Beaulieu lies in part in its multi-functional composition. With a seating capacity of 600, the auditorium offers turnkey services at the cutting edge of technology. The complex also offers a number of modular halls with basic audio-visual systems and exhibition halls, the largest of which is as much as 19,000 m² and can accommodate any kind of event from 50 to 4,000 persons. The very recently renovated theatre can accommodate up to 1,600 spectators.

Its 12,000 m² of superb gardens, which provide a true oasis of greenery in the heart of the city, are undeniably a further asset of the Beaulieu site. The infrastructure makes it possible to organise events of any size indoors, outdoors or both at once.

A spectacular theatre

This iconic place, more magnificent than ever, comprises a foyer on four levels, a restaurant with bistro atmosphere, three bars and a terrace offering a space of almost 1,400 m² with an unobstructed view over the lake to the mountains.

Its infrastructure is suitable for really major productions, as is evident from its dressing rooms, which can accommodate some hundred artistes. The theatre complies with the latest technological standards with active acoustics suitable for all types of production.

The Beaulieu theatre is also linked to several institutional producers of renown, such as the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the Prix de Lausanne and the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra. With seating for more than 1,600, it is the largest and finest theatre in Switzerland.

Redefining the Beaulieu experience for the future

Rooted in a rich history, Beaulieu SA brings the whole site to life by promoting exchanges and meetings. Our central geographical position and our proximity to public transport and the future M3 line allows us to contribute to the life of Lausanne with permanent and ad hoc activities. By hosting events, we stimulate the economic benefits and tourism in the region, and our theatre will continue to host prestigious shows and memorable conferences.

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