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Lynda Lemay

La vie est un conte de fous

Like a sort of tightrope walker, Lynda Lemay skilfully dances on the thread that separates theater from song, fairy tale from horror, human beauty from ugliness... Her show "La vie est un conte de fous" surprises by its audacity. In a setting reminiscent of a marvelous tale, piano, guitars, saxophone and accordion blend harmoniously around the artist's always incisive and chiseled texts.

Lynda Lemay's new show "La vie est un conte de fous" (Life is a tale of fools) is aptly named. In an era where we must adapt to a constantly changing reality, Lynda offers a concert where spontaneity is the star. The artist, who recently embarked on a long journey with her monumental project "Il était onze fois" (eleven albums of eleven songs in 1111 days...), promises as the cruise progresses, tides of songs that obey the winds of the day, that change colors with the weather. Her chiseled verses deconstruct with petulance and precision themes such as family, old age, "hommerie", love, mourning... Lynda imposes her gentle swell on the crowd that lets itself be rocked in complete confidence. In "La vie est un conte de fous", the laughter is as crazy as the tears are meaningful. It's a pleasure to sway between the two at all times.

Flanked by her prodigious guitarist/pianist/chorist Claude Pineault, Lynda invites the audience to dive headfirst into the depths of the life she is telling, at the risk of drowning their eyes a few times. Nestled in a magnificent setting of lights designed by Pierre Roy, Lynda and her accomplice shine with all their talents and touch with their simplicity. True to her signature style, Lynda outdoes herself on every level, becoming famous for her ability to entertain while shaking up hearts and minds. The singer-songwriter is once again better than ever at moving people and making them laugh. No one knows better than her how to open the voice, to stretch the words and to caress the souls.

Door opening 17h30
Start time 19h00
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