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Stephan Eicher

On the occasion of the release of his next album in a few weeks (28 October 2022), Stephan Eicher announces his return to a Lausanne stage. It is in the magnificent setting of the new Théâtre de Beaulieu that the singer will present his most recent compositions in the spring of 2023.

This new album, which he has been working on body and soul for three years, is a small theatre, as if adrift, which appears, in the heart of the turmoil, it is a red curtain which opens on a still shocked world, it is an outstretched hand, a thousand outstretched hands, a melancholy with protective rays, a promise of a liberating waltz.

With "Ode", it is still Don Quixote who charges the inescapable. The burning desire to be there again, an acrobat who has crossed the ages, to give the other a future. Songs write our lives and Stephan Eicher knows it. So he gives. First of all to his musicians, including co-producer Reyn Ouwehand, who accompanied him on this journey.

Stephan Eicher is an adventurer and an old sage, a brat who knows how to laugh on the edge of the abyss and a whimsical tamer of muses. A son and an orphan. Not a fool and not bitter. He can't wait to share unforgettable moments with his audience and his musicians.


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