Lausanne Olympic capital

Capital of the Canton of Vaud and headquarters of the International Olympic Committee since 1994, Lausanne is benefitting from strong development: the economy, city planning, public transport and mobility are also sectors undergoing change. The fourth city in Switzerland, it is set apart because of its role as an Olympic city, a sustainable city, and a center of education and culture. A very popular tourist destination, the city is also the home of many international corporations and, in particular, the headquarters of multinational companies, and also sports federations. Quality of life and a buoyant economy enhance both its strengths.


The diversity of restaurants and the quality of gastronomy in Lausanne add to the city’s reputation for a good lifestyle and a warm welcome.

Considered as one of the areas in Europe with the richest gastronomic heritage, Lausanne with its local area is able to satisfy all tastes and budgets, from a century-old brasserie to Michelin-starred restaurants, and includes world cuisine, trendy establishments and a gastronomic cruise. When it comes to prestigious restaurants, Frédy Girardet, named “chef of the century” in 1989 by the most celebrated French food critics, has contributed significantly to the influence of the Lausanne region, which now has five Michelin starred restaurants and more than 320 establishments devoted to good food.


With more than 6’400 beds and sixty establishments, hotels in the Lausanne region can provide a comfortable and personalized service.

Thanks to the diversity and human dimension of its hotel establishments, as well as the development of business visitors, Lausanne accounts for more than one million overnight stays in hotels each year. This is why considerable financial investment has been committed to improve the existing range and develop it by opening new ultramodern establishments.